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Gallery 1
Gallery One
These are pictures from some films that I have been in, as well as those from THE MUSIC MAN. You will also see me as Elvis on Carnival Cruise Lines.

Gallery 2
Gallery Two
Some fun photos along with one from my Americas Got Talent audition video. Just gives you and idea of who is under all that hair- haha!!

Gallery 3
Gallery Three
Contains pictures from the movies: ASSASSIN BLUES; SCREENPLAY; DOOMSDAY COUNTY:THE CURSE OF DR. MONGOO;and the Dinner Theater Production: FAT LOUIE'S, PIZZA TO DIE FOR!

Gallery 4
Gallery Four
Contains pictures from the movies: ASSASSIN BLUES; ANTHOLOGY,and THE LAST ROUND

Enjoy an auto slideshow of all the gallery photos.

This is my headshot taken July, 2008 by Michael Cairns, of Wet Orange Studio, Inc., Orlando, FL